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Let Proper13 get your next party Poppin'!

Welcome to Proper 13 Productions, where we believe that every occasion deserves a touch of magic, and what better way to achieve that than with our beautiful balloon creations? Whether you're celebrating a birthday, wedding, corporate event, or any other special occasion, we've got the perfect balloon design for you.

Our Signature Services

Balloon Garlands

The perfect hanging decoration to frame entrances, stages, or any focal point.



A soaring statement piece that adds height and grandeur to any event space.

Balloon Backdrops

Make memories that last with our custom photo-ready balloon backdrops.



Add an elegant touch to your entrance or frame a special moment with balloon arches.

Balloon Centerpieces

Enhance your tables with our intricate balloon centerpieces.

Make Memories Pop!

Your Celebration, Elevated

Why Choose Proper 13 Productions

At Proper 13, we're not just decorating your event; we're elevating it. Our passion for perfection is evident in every twist, tie, and float. We believe that the right balloon arrangement doesn't just fill a space; it transforms it. With a discerning eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we offer a service that's more than just decoration—it's an experience.

Creative Excellence

Our team has mastered the art of balloon decor, ensuring every installation is a show-stopper.

Customized for Your Event

From colors to themes, we tailor each balloon arrangement to your unique vision and preferences.

High-Quality Materials

We source only the finest balloons, ensuring longevity and vibrant colors that stay true throughout your event.

 Professional Setup

We ensure a hassle-free experience, setting up your balloon display efficiently and safely.

A Party Without Balloons

Is Just a Gathering!

There's something undeniably magical about balloons. They evoke happiness, surprise, and a sense of celebration. At Proper 13, we've taken the traditional balloon and transformed it into a piece of art, ensuring every event is unforgettable.

Go Beyond Ordinary!

Balloons For Any Occasion

Balloons have an unparalleled charm that transcends age and occasion. From the sheer joy of a child's birthday bash to the romantic ambiance of a wedding, balloons add a splash of color, excitement, and wonder. At Proper 13, we specialize in tailoring our balloon designs to capture the unique essence of each personal celebration. Whether it's a vibrant garland for a milestone birthday, a delicate arch for an anniversary, or a whimsical centerpiece for a baby shower, our creations ensure every special moment is accentuated with the perfect balloon flourish. Make every occasion memorable with the timeless allure of balloons.

We Love Our Clients

let's get started

Submit Your Request Today!

Do you have a special occasion on the horizon and a head full of ideas? Whether you've got it all pictured or you're looking for a spark of inspiration, we're here to help. At Proper 13, we're experts at transforming your visions into breathtaking balloon artistry. From the subtle elegance of balloon centerpieces to the grand spectacle of an archway, no dream is too big or detail too small.

Reach out today and let's start planning. Together, we'll make sure your next event isn't just decorated, but truly memorable. Don't wait – let your party planning take flight with Proper 13!

    *Please provide 3 weeks notice before your event to allow for planning and design

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How far in advance should I book?

    Typically, we recommend booking at least three weeks in advance. However, we understand surprises, so reach out, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

    Can I customize colors and themes?

    Absolutely! Our goal is to make your vision come to life. Share your ideas, and we'll weave our magic.

    What materials are your balloons made of?

    Our balloons are primarily made of latex, which is biodegradable. We also offer foil balloons for specific designs. We are committed to using the highest quality materials that are also eco-friendly whenever possible.

    How long do your balloon installations last?

    We only use the highest quality balloons and materials, however, envirmental factors such as weather, children, pets and different surfaces can jeopardize the lifespan of our creations. That being said, if kept away from direct heat and sun indoor garlands can last up to a month! (no guarentees)

    Can you replicate a balloon design I've seen elsewhere?

    We pride ourselves on our creative expertise and can often replicate or even enhance designs you've seen in magazines, on social media, or elsewhere. However, each design is unique, and we encourage sharing your inspiration with us so we can discuss feasibility and customization.

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