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We offer a diverse range of balloon decorations meticulously crafted to elevate every special occasion. Dive deeper into our offerings by Proper13 Productions

Balloon Garlands

Drape your event in elegance with our tailored balloon garlands. These flowing arrangements are artfully designed to blend with your event's theme, color scheme, and ambiance. Ideal for draping above-head tables, framing event signage, or weaving through venue structures, they breathe life into any space. From subtle gradients to vibrant mixes, our garlands provide a mesmerizing visual treat for your guests.

Balloon Towers

Stand tall and proud with our signature balloon towers. These vertical arrangements serve as beacon points, guiding guests or accentuating key event areas. Each tower is fortified with a sturdy base and can be adorned with varying balloon sizes, colors, and occasional thematic elements. Whether it's to flank a grand entrance or to emphasize a stage area, our towers add a touch of majesty.

Balloon Photo Backdrop

Every event deserves to be remembered. Our balloon photo backdrops offer guests an exquisite spot to capture their memories. Designed with precision, these backdrops can include a blend of colors, varied balloon sizes, and complementary accessories. They're not just backdrops; they're conversation starters, ensuring your event remains the talk of the town.

Balloon Arches

Our balloon arches are more than just entry points—they're grand statements of celebration. Perfect for event entrances, stage backgrounds, or photo zones, each arch is crafted to provide a sense of wonder. With a myriad of design possibilities from the classic symmetric arch to the trending organic style, our team ensures every arch mirrors the event's aesthetic.

Balloon Centerpieces

Reimagine your table settings with our exquisite balloon centerpieces. Carefully crafted to suit your event's scale—be it an intimate dinner or a grand banquet—these centerpieces are both visually pleasing and conversation-inducing. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they're also designed to not obstruct table conversations, striking the right balance between grandeur and functionality.

Grab and Go

Looking for a stunning balloon arch on a budget? Our Grab and Go option is perfect for those who want the splendor of balloon decor without the splurge. Available in sizes ranging from 4 to 9 feet, these self-installation arches are priced at an accessible $25 per foot.

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